This site shows the execution order of WordPress actions and filters that are run during different kinds of admin and front-end requests.


Real data

The data is collected by setting up a real WordPress site and recording all actions and filters that are fired on a certain page or during a specific HTTP request.

Tree view

Not just a flat list! See which hooks might indirectly trigger other hooks.

Hook arguments

See the arguments that were passed to each filter and action.


Find out what functions and methods were attached to each hook at the time when it was fired.

Stack traces

See which core file or function called the action or filter.

Built-in documentation

Hook details include documentation extracted from WordPress source code, and a link to the official WordPress.org documentation.


Too many results

Many WordPress pages trigger more than 10k actions and filters. For performance reasons, this site only shows the first few thousand instances.

Frequent hooks

Some hooks like gettext are called hundreds of times per page. You can only view up to 10 calls per unique hook.

Truncated hook arguments

Due to space constraints, long strings, large arrays, and complex objects are truncated.

Simplified stack traces

Due to space constraints, stack traces don't include function arguments.

Not comprehensive

This site only covers a limited number of possible scenarios. For example, it shows which hooks are run on the Plugins → Installed Plugins page, but not what happens during plugin installation.